China (Hainan) International Tropical Agriculture Expo & (Ledong) Nanfan Corn Forum[Time: December 12to 18, 2020]

China (Hainan) International Tropical Agriculture Expo

& (Ledong) Nanfan Corn Forum

Time: December 12to 18, 2020

Location: Ledong National Culture and Sports Square, China

Exhibition Theme: Ecology, Green, Lead, Upgrade

Concurrent Activity: field display of crop varieties

Sponsored by                     Supported by

National Nanfan Work Leading Group Office      Hainan Department of Science and Technology 

Hainan Department of Agriculture and Rural Areas      China Agricultural University


Ledong Li Autonomous County People's Government                    

Undertaken by                  Co-sponsored by

Hainan Nanfan Association      Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences

Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Areas of Ledong Li Autonomous County 

Hainan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Hainan Guangling Hi-Tech Industry Co.,Ltd.  China National Seed Association Nanfan Branch

Hainan Guangzhi Cultural Development Co., Ltd Hainan Fruit and Vegetable Seedling Association

Hengxin Exhibition • Hainan Hengxing Exhibition Co., Ltd  Hainan Agricultural Machinery Association

Official Website of Exhibition: http://hn.cimbe.com.cn

I. Background of Exhibition

(I) Technical innovation and policy motivation make agriculture in China embrace a new development opportunity

Both agriculture and rural areas in China are facing a brand-new change. The continuous and in-depth implementation of the national rural revitalization strategy,National Plan for Agricultural Modernization, land system reform and other related policies and measures, and the rapid application of modern information technology such as big data and Internet of Things in the field of agriculture have brought rapid changes to agriculture in China. It was put forward in the report of the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) that "give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, and promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas". It was put forward in “No. 1 Central Document” of 2019 that this year and next year are the decisive period for completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects. We must continue to make solving problems related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers the top priority in the work of the party, laying the foundation for ensuring sustained and sound economic development, overall social stability, and meeting the first centenary goal as scheduled.

(II) Hainan -- a golden treasure land for agriculture with tropical characteristics and efficiency

Agriculture is the basic industry, pillar industry and advantage industry of Hainan economy. Located in the southernmost part of China, Hainan has the tropical marine monsoon climate with sufficient sunlight and temperature, great photosynthetic potential and abundant species resources. Hainan is a golden treasure land for developing agriculture with tropical characteristics and efficiency.

Located in the key point of the maritime silk road, Hainan has been conducting frequent trade contacts with countries along the silk road since the ancient time. Hainan has a long history of foreign exchanges, especially in agriculture, and has the significant advantage in serving the silk road. In terms of location, Hainan is located at the key point of the maritime silk road and has "geographical similarity and affinity" with more than 100 tropical countries in the world; in term of resources, Nanfan base has become the "silicon valley of seed industry", more than 70% out of over 7,000 crop varieties cultivated in China are born with the help of Nanfan and 19,000 agricultural scientific and technological workers are working in Nanfan every year; in terms of history, Hainan shares the similar climate to that of the southeast Asian countries, and Nanfan has been conducting frequent exchanges and cooperation in crop varieties and technologies since ancient times, etc. It was put forward in Vision and Actions on Jointly Building Silk Road Economic Belt and 21st-Century Maritime Silk Road authorized by the State Council that we should actively carry out in-depth cooperation in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fisheries, agricultural machinery and the production and processing of agricultural products. Development opportunities will be brought to Hainan agriculture when the ancient maritime silk road is revitalized. 

In recent years, Hainan province has been implementing the development strategy of "one province and two places"(namely, the emerging industrial province, tropical and efficient agricultural base, and tropical island and leisure resort), and strengthening the basic, primary and pillar positions of agriculture. Guided by market and supported by resources, Hainan province has actively promoted the strategic adjustment of agriculture and rural economic structure, vigorously developed market agriculture, green agriculture and scientific and technological agriculture, promoted the industrialized operation of agriculture, and accelerated the development of agricultural economy.

Important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping on April 13, No. 12 Central Document of the central committee, and overall plan of Hainan free trade zone related to agriculture concentrate on construction of "one center, two zones and three bases", namely, national center for tropical agricultural sciences, Qionghai agricultural cooperation experimental zone for opening to the outside world, agricultural green development pilot zone, national tropical modern agricultural base, national Nanfan scientific research base, and global transferring base for introduction of animal and plant germplasm resources, in which, national Nanfan scientific research base and global transferring base for introduction of animal and plant germplasm resources have been listed as the pilot projects by provincial party committee and provincial government.

(III) Hainan -- create the best card of agriculture with tropical characteristics

Hainan will actively promote agricultural modernization and fully magnify the comparative advantages of agricultural development.

I. The advantages of seed industry: accelerate the construction of global transferring base for introduction of animal and plant germplasm resources and national Nanfan scientific research base, establish seed industry international trading center and Nanfan science and technology town, and develop trades in seed industry targeting “One Belt and Road” region.

II. The advantages of tropical agricultural technologies: give full play to the role of scientific research institutions including Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences, create national center for tropical agricultural sciences, and Qionghai agricultural cooperation experimental zone for opening to the outside world in accordance with high standards, actively promote agricultural cooperation and exchanges in between Qionghai and Taiwan, and advance the basic research, achievement transformation and application promotion of tropical agricultural technologies. 

III. The advantages of ecological resources: Hainan has the unique resources to guarantee the national seed industry and food security, is the region with the richest tropical crop resources in the country, and is capable of being cultivated into new advantages for development and creating the best card of agriculture with tropical characteristics. 

(IV) Ledong -- the largest Nanfan seed production and breeding base in Hainan province

As a big agricultural county worthy of the reputation, Ledong has unique advantages in carrying out national breeding and multiplication. Ledong county was identified as the first batch of national rice seed production and breeding base counties in 2013, and is also the largest Nanfan seed production base in Hainan province. Ledong now has the Nanfan seed production base of 110,000mu, 255 Nanfan seed production and breeding units and about 3,850 Nanfan personnel coming from 25 provinces (areas and cities) in China are working in Ledong, exhibiting the obvious advantages of developing Nanfan. 

In recent years, Ledong has accelerated the structural adjustment of agriculture on supply side, vigorously developed modern agriculture, realized the steady improvement of agricultural products supply, continuous optimization of agricultural production structure and continuous growth of economy, and formed the "four pillar industries” of winter melon and vegetables, tropical fruits, Nanfan seed production and natural rubber. Ledong has been rated as the first "national modern agriculture demonstration area", "top ten banana industry counties in China", "banana hometown of China" and "top ten pollution-free fruits and vegetables counties in China". Besides, Ledong Banana won the honor of “top 10 tropical fruits in China”. 

Tropical efficient agriculture is one of the two key industries in Ledong during  the 13th five-year plan period”. Ledong will continue to promote brand product construction, harmless product construction, standardized product construction, scaled product construction and benefit-based product construction, and accelerate the construction of agricultural and sideline products trading markets (auction and trading centers). Besides, Ledong will make good use of the Nanfan scientific research talents tank, promote the local transformation of Nanfan scientific research achievements, try hard to build “Nanfan Silicon Valley in Ledong” and realize the innovative development of agricultural modernization in Ledong. 

II. Ledong Nanfan Corn Forum

(I) Accelerate the construction of Nanfan core base and guarantee the safety of national seed industry

By combining conference report, exchange and discussion, road show promotion, achievements display and other forms, Ledong Nanfan Corn Forum focuses on discussion over ways of implementing rural revitalization strategy through strengthening Nanfan industry construction. Besides, the forum also shows to the outside world the achievements and experiences obtained by Hainan province and Ledong county through implementing the development outline of "building a better Hainan", accelerating the construction of Nanfan core base, and guaranteeing the safety of national seed industry, etc. 

(II) Specially invite experts and academicians, leading guests and key agriculture-related enterprises

Academicians and well-known experts in China’s circle of agriculture; leaders from ministry of agriculture and rural areas and national Nanfan work leading group office; leaders from farmers’ daily press; leaders from agricultural industry chamber of commerce, all - China federation of industry and commerce; leaders of Hainan provincial party committee and government, department of agriculture and rural areas, department of commerce, and department of science and technology; person in charge of Hainan Nanfan administration bureau; leaders in charge and director of agriculture of relevant cities (counties), members of Hainan Nanfan association and person in charge of Nanfan-related seed breeding and production units and enterprises; "One Belt and Road" foreign guests, foreign agricultural experts and scholars; leaders and member units from agriculture-related associations in China; responsible personnel in major agricultural enterprises, seed enterprises, and agricultural materials in China, responsible personnel in upstream and downstream agricultural enterprises, nationwide agricultural supplies dealers, representative of supply and marketing agencies and national large farmers, etc. 

III. The expo will become a vane for the development of China's agriculture (seed industry)

By taking “ecology, green, lead and upgrade” as the theme, the exhibition area of this expo is expected to be 15,000 square meters. The expo will invite more than 300 domestic and foreign brand enterprises and more than 20,000 professional visitors for visit, exchange, trade and procurement, and more than 200 domestic and foreign authoritative media will publicize and report the expo. In addition, hundreds of government leaders, industry experts, business leaders and industry elites from all over the world will participate in the forum and various activities held at the same time, and they will have in-depth discussions on the theme of the conference and industry development trend, industrial policy, development planning, technological innovation, operation and management, investment and financing and other aspects so as to give advice and point out direction for the development in this industry. As a grand event in the field of agriculture, this expo will inevitably make positive contributions to the rapid development of agriculture in China. People from all circles inside this industry are welcome to actively participate in the exhibition, the show and the conference. 

IV.Exhibition content

1.Smart agriculture/precision agriculture: agricultural Internet of things, agricultural big data, agricultural robots, intelligent agricultural machinery, intelligent irrigation, precise operation, soilless culture, etc.

2.Agricultural high-tech achievements: agricultural biotechnology, green agricultural technology, circular agriculture model, key scientific research projects and other technical achievements.

3.Agricultural materials, aviation and plant protection: agricultural aircraft and small unmanned aerial vehicles, agricultural aviation pesticide application technology and spraying equipment, agricultural aviation remote sensing technology, agricultural aviation special supplies, agricultural aviation flight safety equipment, plant protection machinery, etc.; phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, compound fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, micro fertilizer, leaf fertilizer, etc; pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, plant growth regulators, pesticide raw materials and preparations; all other sorts of agricultural materials and products.

4.Seed industry: crop seeds, vegetable seeds, flower seeds, grass and lawn seeds, tree seeds, etc; seed coating agent, seed fertilizer, seed treatment agent, etc; seed testing instruments, seed processing machinery, etc.; printing equipment and technology for seed packaging; new technologies, new achievements, and new projects, etc., in seed industry.

5.Facility agriculture and water-saving irrigation: greenhouse engineering materials, complete greenhouse, greenhouse supporting system, cooling/warming ventilation system, temperature control system, horticultural materials, etc.; micro irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation machinery, automatic control system, filter, pump valve and pipe fittings, field management, water soluble fertilizer, and water fertilizer integration facilities, etc. 

6.Agricultural machinery: all kinds of advanced and applicable agricultural machinery, transportation machinery, power equipment, agricultural engineering machinery, agricultural products processing machinery, animal husbandry machinery, garden machinery, and all kinds of agricultural machinery accessories, etc.

7.Others: operation protection, agricultural finance, agricultural products trading, and agricultural education and training, etc.

V.Field display (field demonstration of crop varieties)

In order to promote seed industry exchanges, accelerate the spread and application of fine seeds and seed industry technologies, advance the integration process of seed enterprise breeding and production, and encourage the independent innovation ability of seed industry, field display will be held in this exhibition and now seed collection targeting seed research and development enterprises, scientific research institutions and variety rights holders is being carried out. (Please refer to the seed collection letter for details). 

Contents of planting for display: eggplants, fruits, melons, root vegetables, leaf vegetables, field crops and comprehensive agricultural products, etc. 

VI.Media publicity

1. Mainstream media: Xinhua.net, people.com.cn, cctv.com, ifeng.com, sina.com, sohu.com, netease.com, qq.com, e.baidu.com, e.360.cn, toutiao.com, cri.cn, china.org.cn, china.com.cn, china.com, youth.cn, cfi.net.cn, ce.cn, cb.com.cn, cn.chinadaily.com.cn, stdaily.com, chinanpn.com, Hainan TV, newspapers and other major news media.

2.Professional media: cast.net.cn, zgny.com.cn, chinacwa.com, nckj.org.cn, farmer.com.cn, jn720.com, cnhnb.com, lenw.cn, 114nz.com, nyzyw.cdsxwy.cc, zg3n.com.cn, hxsannong114.cdgtw.net, nongcun5.com, farm.job1001.com, nyjszxw.com, cnagri.com, shanxiseed.com, a-seed.cn, chinaseed114.com, chinaseedqks.cn, ampcn.com, cnnzsc.com, xnz360.com, nzdb.com.cn, 3456.tv, nz99.net, bfnz.cn, haonongzi.com, cn.agropages.com, nongyao001.com, ferts.cn, china.guidechem.com, cnfert.com, wugu.com.cn, irrigation.com.cn, agri.sci99.com, zgnlw8.cn, miaomu.com, xbmiaomu.com, seedsee.com, sheshiyuanyi.com, 6789123.com, yuanlinlvhua.cn, sinofarm.net, amic.agri.gov.cn, agricultural machinery market magazine, nongjx.com, xbnj.net, big-am.com, nongji360.com, nongji1688.com, nongjitong.com, ayijx.com, aweb.com.cn, nongyisou.com, dfs168.com, wodenong.com, xnmtd.com, 84ny.com, zgppny.com, youuav.com, 81uav.cn, gatobuy.com, tonghanglive.org, sirenji.com, winsair.com, yuchen360.com, cncopter.com, garnoc.com, tyhk.com.cn, Zhongke IoT, IoT Technology, netofthings.cn, agrofairs.com and other professional media. 

VII.Audience organization and buyer invitation

The sponsors of the event has data of more than one million merchants. In addition to inviting many domestic and foreign businessmen to visit, exchange, trade and purchase, the expo will also provide free shuttle service for professional visitors and various visiting groups in south China. The main methods are as follows:

—— the government departments shall issue the notice of the meeting (including Hainan department of agriculture and rural areas, bureaus of agriculture and rural areas of relevant cities and counties, Ledong county people's government);

——members of the industry associations visit in groups;

—— audience organization department makes use of the huge database by adopting direct telephone invitation, point-to-point SMS and E-mail group sending, and EMS direct mail;

—— distribute exhibition posters and tickets to Hainan professional agricultural markets, large planters, dealers, agents and industrial clusters;

—— carry out intensive promotion in various mainstream media websites and more than 200 professional media websites;

—— use WeChat, mobile websites and other new media platforms for key promotion;

—— carry out promotion in similar and upstream and downstream exhibitions;

—— large outdoor advertising, mobile advertising and Hainan major television stations;

—— representatives of summit forum conferences; 

—— exhibitors' customers, dealers and agents;

—— free shuttle service of a total of 200 buses for professional audience in Hainan and surrounding provinces and cities. 

VIII.Charge standard

1.Exhibition space (minimum lease area of 36 square meters, excluding any exhibition facilities) :

Interior space: domestic enterprises: RMB 780 Yuan/㎡; foreign enterprises: USD$200/㎡.

Outdoor space: domestic enterprises: RMB 680 Yuan/㎡; foreign enterprises: USD$200/㎡.

2.Luxury booth (3M*3M, unified luxury setting up) :

Domestic enterprises: RMB 7,800 / unit; foreign enterprises: USD$2600 / piece. (Statement: the booth includes a power socket, two spotlights, one desk and two chairs, one set of business tables and chairs for negotiation, and one display stand)

3.Field display: the planting area of each variety is 5-20 square meters, minimum planting of 200 Yuan/variety and bamboo setting cost of 300 Yuan/variety.

4.Please refer to the attachment for the conference co-sponsors and forum sponsor.

5. Please refer to Advertising Investment Promotion Brochure of the conference for the conference proceedings and advertising items. 

IX.Liaison office of the organizing committee

Hengxin Exhibition Group • Hainan Hengxing Exhibition Co., Ltd

Contact person: Dong Hao 18920704121 (WeChat)



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