2020 Gansu (Lanzhou) Intelligent Agriculture Exhibition[December 11-12]

Information of North Exhibition Group Agricultural Exhibition 2020:

August 6-8, Xinjiang (Changji) seed exchange and intelligent agriculture exhibition

August 28-29, Shanxi (Yuncheng) Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition

December 11-12 Gansu (Lanzhou) Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition

Solemn commitment:

1.Free shuttle all exhibitions. Group 30 people 1000 yuan in cash!

2.Dealer site contract reimbursement travel expenses (up to 1,000 yuan)!

3. Booking booth to send local agricultural distributor and planting cooperative data!

4. The site to provide ordering, group buying festival venues!

5. major media for enterprises to provide all aspects of publicity!

6. Exhibitors are not satisfied with no reason to withdraw! !

7. Annual exhibitors package price (10008 yuan)!

2020 Xinjiang (Changji) Seed Exhibition Fair and Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition

2020 Xinjiang (Changji) Seed Exhibition Fair and Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition

Time :6-8 August 2020  Location: Changji Agricultural Expo Park, Xinjiang

Support Unit:

People's Government of Changji Hui Autonomous Prefecture

Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region

Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Xinjiang Construction Corps

Results Transformation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

China Seed Association


National Trade Center for the Property Rights of Scientific and Technological Achievements in Seed Industry      

Changji Agricultural Investment and Development (Group) Co. ,Ltd.

China Agricultural Academy of Sciences Western Agricultural Research Center Xinjiang Changji Modern Seed Industry Alliance


Changji Municipal People's Government                 

Changji State Agricultural and Rural Bureau

Changji National Agricultural Science and Technology Park           

China Agricultural Reclamation and Water-saving Agricultural Industry Technical Alliance

College of Agriculture, Shihezi University               

Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Seed Association

Xinjiang Construction Corps UAV Industry Association     

Xinjiang Society for Soil and Fertilizer

National Water and Fertilizer Integration Alliance             

National Aviation Plant Protection Science and Technology Innovation Alliance Xinjiang     

Beijing Seed Association    China Seed Association Seedling Coatings Branch 

Gansu Seed Association       China Seed Association Vegetable Association

Hebei Seed Association 

Xinjiang bingtuan irrigation industry innovation strategy alliance

Jiangsu Seed Association          Zhangye City Seed Industry Association

Jiuquan Seed Association          Jiuquan Flower Industry Association

Hefei Seed Chamber of Commerce   Jiushenghe Seed Industry Co., Ltd.

2020 Shanxi (Yuncheng) Intelligent Agriculture Exhibition

2020 Shanxi (yuncheng) Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition

Time :28-29 August 2020  Venue: Yuncheng Agricultural Exhibition Centre


Shanxi Science and Technology Association        

China Agricultural Exhibition Association

Shanxi Soil Fertilizer Society        

Shanxi Federation of Farmers' Professional Cooperatives

Shanxi Agricultural Capital Chamber


Yuncheng Science and Technology Association     Henan Fertilizer Association

National Water and Fertilizer Integration Industry Alliance      

Shandong Province Water-saving Irrigation Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance

Yuncheng Association of Agricultural Production Materials      

Sanmenxia Fertilizer Association          Yuncheng Seedling Alliance              

Linfen City Miao Union         Henan Xinlianxin Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Dayu Water Saving Group Limited        Guangzhou Jifei Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.      

Xiangcheng Jiahe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Longge Plant Protection Technology Limited          Huinong Village e Station

Hot agricultural investment network         Hot Agricultural Investment Network

2020 Gansu (Lanzhou) Intelligent Agriculture Exhibition

2020 gansu (lanzhou) province wisdom agriculture exhibition

Time: December 11-12,2020  

Venue: Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center


Gansu Province Agricultural Technology Extension Association        

Gansu Provincial Plant Protection Society        Gansu Provincial Seed Association                Gansu Fertilizer Association          Gansu Provincial Farmers Cooperative Union        Gansu Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Association

Gansu Agricultural Machinery Society        Gansu Provincial Garden Chamber

Gansu Daily Newspaper Group              Gansu San Nong online


Henan Fertilizer Association  

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Water and Fertilizer Integration Alliance

Shandong Province Water-saving Irrigation Industry Technological Innovation Strategic Alliance           Guangzhou Jifei Technology Co., Ltd.

Dayu Water Saving Group Limited       Xiangcheng Jiahe Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Tai Wah Water Saving Technology Limited 

Xinjiang Tianye Water Saving Irrigation Co., Ltd.


Xinjiang North Exhibition Oriental Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.      

Shanxi North Exhibition Oriental Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Xinjiang Beizhang Shengshi Exhibition Service  

Gansu Beizhang Shengshi Exhibition Service

Exhibition Profile:

Xinjiang Changji Agricultural Exhibition: total scale of 80000 square meters; invited exhibitors: more than 600.

Site invite accurate audience: more than 20000 people.

Shanxi Yuncheng Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition : 12000 square meters; invited exhibitors: more than 300.

Site invite accurate audience: more than 13000 people.

Gansu Lanzhou Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition :20000 square meters; invited exhibitors: more than 500. The scene invites the accurate audience: more than 30000 people.

≈ of Exhibits ≈

Seed exhibition area: vegetable seeds, melon and fruit seeds, new excellent varieties, fruit and vegetable seedlings, seedling substrate, modeling seedlings, etc.

Agricultural resources professional exhibition area: nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, compound fertilizer, ecological fertilizer, organic natural fertilizer, controlled release fertilizer, compound fertilizer, leaf surface fertilizer, liquid fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, micro-fertilizer, seedling raising fertilizer, all kinds of bacteria fertilizer, special fertilizer, environmental fertilizer, soil improver, surfactant, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, sanitary insecticides, nematocides, acaricides, plant growth regulators, molluscs, avoidance agents, fumigants, biological pesticides, environmental pesticides, sprayers, etc.

Intelligent agricultural high-tech exhibition area: plant factory, information agriculture, precision agricultural technology, testing instruments, soilless cultivation technology, agricultural high-tech equipment, agricultural information and communication services, information management, financial services, agricultural Internet of things intelligent control technology, intelligent drip irrigation system controller, intelligent greenhouse controller, soil moisture controller, special vegetables, organic agriculture and related technology and equipment.

Intelligent irrigation exhibition area: agricultural irrigation equipment, garden irrigation equipment, horticultural irrigation equipment, industrial drainage and irrigation equipment, sprinkler irrigation machinery, micro irrigation system, drip irrigation pipe (belt) and pipe fittings, automatic control system, filter, water and fertilizer integration facilities, etc.

Agricultural aviation exhibition area: agricultural aircraft and small UAV, agricultural aviation application technology and spraying equipment, agricultural aviation remote sensing technology, agricultural aviation special products, agricultural aviation flight safety equipment, plant protection machinery, etc.

Greenhouse / Horticultural equipment exhibition area: greenhouse engineering, complete sets of greenhouse, greenhouse materials, greenhouse supporting system, greenhouse skeleton structure, greenhouse film, heat preservation quilt, coil motor, cooling / warming ventilation system, temperature control system, horticultural materials, ornamental plants, etc.

Agricultural machinery exhibition area: field management machinery, orchard special machinery, garden machinery, pruning machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, agricultural harvesting machinery, tractors, ploughing machinery, transportation machinery, power equipment, animal husbandry machinery and all kinds of agricultural machinery accessories.

≈ for period ≈

Xinjiang Changji Seed Exchange and Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition:

Western Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

National Seed Conference and Xinjiang Digital Agriculture Forum

Xinjiang high-standard farmland construction project government-enterprise meeting

Air plant protection spot air defense observation procurement docking

All regions of Xinjiang, Bingtuan designated procurement exchange

Shanxi (Yuncheng) Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition:

Yellow River Golden Triangle Region (Yuncheng) Intelligent Agriculture Development Forum

Exchange of Science and Technology for Agriculture and Modern Agriculture

New Retail Summit for Agricultural Resources

Agricultural Support Services Group Purchase Festival

Gansu (Lanzhou) Wisdom Agriculture Exhibition:

Second Gansu Intelligent Agriculture Application and Development Forum and Agricultural Technology Extension Forum

Gansu Province Rural Cadres Leading Talent and Rural Revitalization Development Forum

Northwest China Intelligent Agriculture Science and Technology Plant Protection Forum

Gansu Provincial High-standard Farmland Construction Exchange

Gansu Cooperative Union Collection Festival

Precision Poverty Alleviation, Agricultural Facilities Equipment and Agricultural Donation Ceremony

New Retail Summit of Agricultural Material

≈ of audience ≈

1. issued an invitation to the provincial and municipal governments at all levels to organize local agricultural and rural departments/ bureaus, agricultural machinery, agricultural technology, soil fertilizer, plant protection, seeds, agricultural inspection stations/houses and other relevant enterprises and institutions to visit;

2. scientific research units / import and export companies / colleges and universities in the northwest of Xinjiang, Shanxi and Gansu to visit;

 3. agricultural industrialization demonstration base / agricultural demonstration garden / bingtuan / reclamation farm system / Internet of things / intelligent equipment manufacturers to visit;

4. the audience organization department early telephone solicitation audience, later to Xinjiang, Gansu, Shanxi counties and cities, Ningxia, Qinghai, Henan, Shaanxi and other surrounding provinces and cities agricultural machinery, agricultural market, cities and counties and township distribution departments, one-to-one invite professional agents;

5. for agricultural distributors, agents, distributors through free mail, distribution of tickets, through professional associations, professional markets and other channels to invite professional audience to visit;

6. planting cooperatives/associations/ societies/big growers/farmers/ wholesalers/buyers/dealers/agent;

7. publishing exhibition advertisements and information in conjunction with agricultural news media, professional publications and websites;

≈ of Customer Service Promotion Media ≈

Central media: CCTV、 People's Daily, Economic Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, China Daily, etc.

Local media: Xinjiang TV Station, Bingtuan TV Station, Gansu TV Station, Shanxi TV Station, Lanzhou TV Station, Yuncheng TV Station, Gansu Traffic Radio, Shanxi People's Radio Station, etc.

Mainstream portals: Sina.com, Phoenix New Media, Sohu, QQ.com, NetEase, Xinjiang Daily, Tianshan, Shanxi News, Yellow River News, Yuncheng News, etc.

Industry media: Agricultural Network, Intelligent Agriculture Network, Rural Science and Technology Network, Agricultural News Network, Western Agricultural Machinery Network, Junong Network, Huinong Network, Lenong Network, Zhongnong Online, Agricultural Resources Network, Sannong Network, Sannong 114, Rural Network, Agricultural Network at a glance, Modern Agricultural Technology Extension Network, Aige Agricultural Network, Agricultural Machinery Network, Agricultural Material Network, Agricultural Material Mall Network, New Agricultural Material 360 Network, Agricultural Material Guide Network, Popular Agricultural Investment Network ,99 Agricultural Investment Network, Northern Agricultural Material Network, Good Agricultural Investment Network, World Agricultural Chemical Network, Century Pesticide Network, Gaide Chemical Network, New Fertilizer Network, Wugu Network, Irrigation Network, Water Fertilizer Network, etc.

Newspaper media: Xinjiang Daily, Bingtuan Daily, Gansu Daily, Shanxi Daily, Shanxi Evening News, Lanzhou Morning Post, Lanzhou Evening News, Gansu Peasant News, Shanxi Economic Daily, Shanxi Youth Daily, Yellow River Morning Post, Yuncheng Daily, etc.

≈ Promotion of Business Opportunities ≈

 Advertisement for Journal and Procurement Guide

Journal size :210 mm ×285 mm, Procurement Guide :285 mmmm ×210 will help you find customers before and after the exhibition, strengthen the effect of exhibitors.

LayoutCover coverCoverSeal 2/ Title PageCross plateColour

Price (Yuan)150008000500058003600

Live advertising


(standard span)Truss painting

4*5 mExhibitors/visit CertificatesWall advertisingHandbag

$3500$4800/piece$28000/exclusive$28000/ Extension$10,000/2,000

Longmen AdvertisingTicketsLandmarksSponsorship of drinking waterWater injection knife flag

$20,000/extension$10000/10,000sheets$2000/10sheets$10000/8000 bottle$500


Fee Standard

LocationStandard booth(36㎡)Three - year - old

Yuncheng$RMB 6800 per unit$680/㎡$10008

Lanzhou$RMB 6800 per unit$680/㎡

Xinjiang$RMB 6800 per unit$680/㎡

 Booth equipment: light tube two, display board, lintel board, one table two chairs, air conditioning, lighting, security, cleaning and so on.

Note: There are no display facilities available in the open space. The management fees and utilities charged by the exhibition hall shall be taken care of by the exhibitor and the.

Contact number:

Wu Pengyun 166 1979 7615(same as WeChat)


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